Linux – Linus Torvalds – Linux Creator – How many screens?

Web Page Design Company desk

The number of screens is not proportional to genius!

I recently watched one of my favourite YouTube videos of Linux founder Linus Torvalds at a TED talk. Linux powers most of the web servers and hence websites on the internet and also it is the system that Android is based on, so in effect “The most used software in the world” (Think of this narrated by Jeremy Clarkson).

Surprisingly you would imagine that the Linux offices would be some huge corporate block somewhere in Silicon Valley, with Linus’ desk something like the Starship Enterprise, but no!

Linus Torvalds office
Linus Torvalds desk at his home (click image to view video)

Now, compare my own desk:

Web Page Design Company desk
7 screens 5 computers


So this begs the question…  If one of the worlds biggest brains only needs one screen and one computer, what does that say about me?