Brand Development & Logo Design

Brand identity and logo design

Branding is like the clothes you business wears!

Your brand will immediately impart the style of your business, this is one of the most important elements to how you portray your business image to potential customers.

Brand Identity

We are all attracted to those we identify with and its the same with businesses.

At its core, branding consists of a company’s name and logo, visual identity design, mission, values, and tone of voice. It is essentially your business story.


Here are some of our brands we have helped develop

Rowans Catering

“A Taste of Home Away From Home”

Rowans Delicatessen originated in Rathfarnham Village in the 1930’s. Today we are still situated on the original expanded footprint. Here we source our local ingredients, assemble, prepare, cook and serve our customers in South Dublin and further afield. Our chefs and staff are dedicated to providing fine foods, catering and wines to our valued and loyal customers.

Our task was to give this well loved and established business a fresh identity.

We based it around a simple Logo and then a website, using a very family symbol of freshness, used before of course by others … The Apple


“Sensible Cyber Security”

We were hired to develop a website for this highly respected Cyber Security firm. But their identity was severely lacking. Their logo and colour scheme could have been designed by a primary school student.

Keeping it simple the inspiration behind the logo is a familiar symbol most people encounter daily representing cyber security.


“All your catering needs”

Similar to Rowans Catering, this being a food oriented business, freshness and hygiene is part of the message.

Max Hart Racing

“The brightest young start of Irish Motor Sport”

This guy regularly graces the winners top podium, here and around the world, recently in China.

Racing and Irish, enough said.

Book Driving Lessons + E-Scooter Training

National Driving Instructors database and a driver ed program for secondary schools


Professional Hygiene

National Supplier of cleaning and Hygiene products

The Happy Caddy Golf Tours


We needed to come up with something fun and friendly, and this is actually based on him.