Why do I need a website when we have social media?

why do I need social media?

It’s a reasonable question! If you think about it, a lot of business just want to get their name out there and provide a contact method. So when you spend a lot of time keeping up a Facebook or Instagram account why should you spend more time updating a website too?

So the important question could be:

Q: Why have a website when we already have busy social media and followers?
A: Content: You can host a lot of information on a website that just will not fit on social media.
A: Brand Awareness – You can present your brand in a more measured way. Your image is hugely important, this will not translate as clearly on social media.
A: Google Search – Your website needs to be available when potential customers do a Google search.
A: Selling products and services: Customers still feel more comfortable and prefer to purchase products through a website.

The type of sites we build have changed over the 20+ years we have been in business. Where once we created a lot of simple Brochureware sites which may only have up to 10 pages, these can now be created easily on self build sites like wix.com and squarespace.com and very small businesses may survive fine with some social media presence. But where larger sites require logins, larger Ecommerce websites displaying 100s of products, social media just isn’t enough.

The best answer is you do both, you run good social media in conjunction with a website, where you link the social media to your website where customers need more information or wish to purchase your products or services.

Image by rawpixel.com on Freepik