Mediumrare – communications design


mediumrare communications design


We work closely with Chris Coe
of Mediumrare to provide
brand expertise and copywrite services.


Sandyford Business District

Sandyford Business District

Possibly the strongest business district in greater Dublin, represented by international tech like Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc.

Discount offered to members


Quantum Harbour
IT Systems

Ethan O’Brien of Quantum Harbour, Athy, expertly looks after any technical issues that arise with our office network/hardware.


Digital Ocean Cloud Hosting

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting

Orinally considered the “developers cloud”, Digital Ocean have grownn internationally to sit comfortably amongst the big boys like Amazon, Google and Microsoft.


Blacknight Hosting and Email


Based in Carlow, Backnight provide us with domain name registration, DNS services, and email.


Atlassian Bitbucket Git Repository




Provides GIT software version services, considered best practice in software management.



Cloudflare website security



Domain protection and security services. Helping to protect against DDOS and hacking.  Also provides speedy DNS services allowing us to react quickly to domain issues.



Wordfence cyber security




The foremost WordPress security software acting like gatekeeper to your website by locking out hackers.



Pingdom website monitoring service



Allows us to monitor server activity and also website speeds.



Stripe payment gateway


stripe payment gateway



WooCommerce ecommerce platform




Google Shopping / Product Data Feed




WordPress open source CMS


WordPress content management system