Some points to consider when writing a blog

We received an email from a client asking us about a small technical issue to do with a blog they were preparing. OMG it was a wall of text!  With over 1000 words it with was impenetrable.

A few things to consider when writing a blog:

What is the purpose of the article?

Does it need to focus on SEO and be listed on Google?  Do “key phrases” matter? Is it intended a funnel to internal resources? Are you promoting something new?

Break it up

You need to break up text in various ways, like using more headings, “Large Quotes”, colour blocks, varying fonts etc. Avoid lengthy paragraphs.


There are various free resources out there like: which only require crediting. Also from your own media library.


Internal not just external linking: The article should link to various resources within and not just outside of your website. This extends the articles reach and directs visitors to internal resources and improves google search. Make sure external links open a new browser tab, so NOT away from your website!


Consider running text through AI – ChatGPT and Bard for corrections, improvements and alternate syntax.