Top Level Domains from .academy to .zone

Available Top Level Domains – source Wikipedea  wiki

TLD Target Market Restrictions
.academy academic institutes
.accountants accountants and accounting firms
.active general
.actor actors
.adult adult entertainment For sites providing sexually explicit content, such as pornography.
.aero air-transport industry Must verify eligibility for registration; only those in various categories of air-travel-related entities may register.
.academy academic institutes
.agency business associations
.airforce defense contractors
.archi architects and architect firms[34] Restricted to individuals and organizations that can verify participation in architecture industry.[35]
.army defense contractors
.associates business associations
.attorney attorneys and legal organizations
.audio stereo/sound systems, music
.bargains coupons and online sellers
.beer breweries and beer aficionados
.bid auctions
.bike bicycles
.bio biodiversity, biographies May require compliance with organic agriculture principles.[38]
.biz business Open TLD; any person or entity is permitted to register; however, registrations may be challenged later if they are not held by commercial entities in accordance with the domain’s charter. This TLD was created to provide relief for the .com TLD, where many names have already been taken.
.black those who like black[39]
.blackfriday Black Friday, retail
.blue those who like blue[40]
.boutique specialized businesses
.build construction industry —[41]
.builders construction workers
.business businesses
.buzz marketing and social networking
.cab cabs and taxi companies
.camera camera-related businesses
.camp camps and camping
.cancerresearch Unknown
.capital financial firms
.cards general
.care healthcare industry
.careers Employment
.cash financial
.catering Food service
.center general
.ceo CEOs —[42]
.channel Unknown
.cheap Resellers
.christmas Christmas
.church churches
.city general
.claims retail, auctions
.cleaning Cleaning services
.clinic healthcare clinics
.clothing Apparel
.club groups, organizations, assemblies —[43]
.coach travel (flights and motor coaches)
.codes computer and/or encryption code enthusiasts
.coffee cafés and coffee aficionados
.college Educational
.community social groups, neighborhoods
.company business associations
.computer Technology
.condos Real estate
.construction Construction industry
.consulting hired advisors
.contractors Remodeling and independent businesses
.cooking sharing recipes
.cool General interests
.country general
.credit Financial institutions
.creditcard Financial institutions
.cricket cricket
.cruises cruise businesses and travel
.dad families
.dance Dance studios and companies
.dating Online dating
.day general
.deals online shopping and couponing
.degree general
.delivery general
.democrat Democratic Party politics
.dental dentists
.dentist dentists
.diamonds diamond and jewelry industry
.digital general
.direct general
.directory general directory
.discount general
.domains domain registries
.eat restaurants and [foodie]s
.education educational institutes
.email email
.energy energy industry and marketing
.engineer engineers and engineering firms
.engineering engineering firms
.equipment equipment-related businesses
.esq lawyers, law firms, legal professionals To be restricted to verified lawyers and attorneys[44]
.estate real estate businesses
.events happenings
.exchange generic trade
.expert generic expertise
.exposed general interest
.fail general
.farm farms and agriculture
.finance financial
.financial financial
.fish fishing businesses, sports, and interests
.fishing fishing businesses, sports, and interests
.fitness Fitness and exercise
.flights airline businesses and travel
.florist florists
.fly travel To be restricted to verified airlines, travel agencies and travel resellers[45]
.foo web development —[46]
.forsale online retail
.foundation charitable organizations
.fund financial
.furniture furniture businesses
.futbol soccer
.gallery photo and art galleries
.gift gift-giving
.gifts gift-giving
.gives charities and gift-giving
.glass window sales and repairs
.global general
.gop Republican Party politics
.graphics graphics
.green the environmentally-focused “As a Registrant you may not … use a .green name or its content in a way which negatively affects the mission, purpose of the .green TLD, or its brand.”[48]
.gripe opinion sites
.guide help sites
.guitars Guitars
.guru generic expertise
.healthcare healthcare industry
.help help sites
.here generic geographic
.hiphop Hip hop culture
.hiv AIDS and HIV
.holdings real estate or financial business
.holiday holiday gift industry
.horse horse-related businesses and interest
.host network companies
.house real estate and construction businesses
.how how-to guides
.info information
.ing Verbal suffix: e.g. “”.
.ink creative printing or tattooing[50]
.institute[51] Unknown
.insure Insurance companies
.international international entities
.investments financial
.jobs Employment For websites with job opportunities and job listings.[52]
.kim people named Kim
Kim is a common first name in the US and is also the most common Korean surname.
.kitchen food industry and remodeling
.land real estate
.lawyer lawyers and legal organizations
.legal lawyers and legal organizations
.lease financing
.lgbt the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender community
.life general
.lighting lighting
.limited general
.limo limousine businesses
.link connecting to information[53]
.loans Banks and lenders
.luxury businesses catering to the wealthy
.management business management
.market marketing services and retailers
.marketing marketing services
.media general media interests
.meet social gatherings, meeting new people
.meme Internet memes
.memorial memorial sites
.menu restaurants
.mobi mobile devices Must be used for mobile-compatible sites in accordance with standards.
.moe Japanese otaku culture
The word “moe” (Japanese: 萌え?, pronounced as “moh-ay”) is a slang word rooted deep in the Japanese Otaku culture. It has often been used to mean a particular type of “adorable” or “cute” towards fictional characters, people, animals, etc.[54]
.money financial
.mortgage mortgage lenders
.motorcycles motorcycles
.mov Digital video
.museum museums Must be verified as a legitimate museum.
.name individuals, by name Open TLD; any person or entity is permitted to register; however, registrations may be challenged later if they are not by individuals (or the owners of fictional characters) in accordance with the domain’s charter.
.navy defense contractors
.network general
.new general
.ngo Non-governmental organizations. Restricted to validated NGOs, as determined by PIR. See the eligibility requirements.
Sold packaged with .ong.
.ninja general expertise
.ong Non-governmental organizations. Restricted to validated NGOs, as determined by PIR. See the eligibility requirements.
Sold packaged with .ngo.
.onl short for “online”
.ooo general
.organic organic gardeners, farmers, foods, etc. Registrants must be verified as a member of the organic community.[55]
.partners businesses
.parts manufacturing and consumer auto
.party nightclubs and social gatherings
.pharmacy pharmacies “All registrants within the .pharmacy gTLD are vetted prior to registration to confirm that they meet all applicable regulatory standards, including pharmacy licensure and valid prescription requirements, in the jurisdictions where they are based and where they serve patients.”[56]
.photo photography and photo-sharing
.photography photography and photo-sharing
.photos photography and photo-sharing
.physio physical therapists Must be eligible for membership within an association that is a member of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy, have proper training as a physical therapist outside WCPT’s reach, or otherwise supports physical therapy.[57][58]
.pics photography and photo-sharing
.pictures photography and photo-sharing
.pink those who like pink
.pizza pizza parlors
.place general
.plumbing plumbing businesses
.poker Poker players and sites
.porn adult entertainment (pornography) For sites providing sexually explicit content, such as pornography.
.post postal services The .post TLD is restricted to Postal Administrations as defined in the Universal Postal Union constitution, and their large customers who wish to provide “Trusted Postal Services”.[59]
.press publishing and journalism
.pro professions Currently, .pro is reserved for licensed or certified professionals worldwide. A professional seeking to register a .pro domain must provide their registrar with the appropriate credentials.
.productions studio/art businesses
.prof Professors, teachers and learning
.properties real estate
.property real estate
.qpon coupons
.recipes recipes and cooking
.red those who like red[61]
Also Spanish variant of .net
Also likely to be attractive for domain hacks for words that end with ‘-red’.
.rehab Rehab centers and support sites
.ren Renren users Restricted TLD[62]
.rentals short-term ownership
.repair general repair/maintenance businesses
.report business services
.republican Republican Party politics
.reviews Public reviews
.rich businesses catering to the wealthy
.rip memorial sites[63]
.rocks general
.rodeo Rodeo interest
.rsvp Invitations and replies
.science science-related sites
.services business services
.sexy adult entertainment
.shoes shoes
.singles online dating
.social general interest
.software computer software
.solar solar-power
.solutions business services
.space as a creative space
.supplies manufacturing industries
.supply manufacturing industries
.support help pages
.surf surfing
.surgery healthcare industry
.systems technology
.tattoo tattoo aficionados
.tax financial
.technology technology
.tel Internet communication services A contact directory housing all types of contact information directly in the Domain Name System.
.tips general help topics
.tires tire manufacturers
.today general
.tools manufacturing industries
.top general
.town generic geographic
.toys toy businesses
.trade businesses
.training training and how-tos
.travel travel and tourism industry related sites Must be verified as a legitimate travel-related entity.
.university young adults, university life
.vacations travel
.vet veterans and veterinarians
.villas real estate and/or travel businesses
.vision eye-care businesses
.vodka Vodka-related businesses and interest
.vote democratic elections and campaign websites Must use the domain in connection with a “clearly identified political/democratic process.”[66] Initially only available to registrations in the United States.[67]
.voting polling sites
.voyage travel
.wang general
Wǎng is a pinyin of 网 (web).[68]
Wang is also a common surname in mainland China.
.watch Watches
.webcam Web cam shows and video sharing
.website general
.wed engaged couples and wedding-oriented businesses This TLD is intended primarily for engaged couples on a short-term basis (two years with prohibitive third-year renewal fees for second-level domains).[70]
And although the registry is advertising for multiple world languages, all domains appear to need to be in Latin script.[71]
.whoswho general An open TLD, any person or entity is permitted to register. Conceived for those cited in one of the Who’s Who reference titles published around the world, the registry was opened for use by private individuals, and for-profit and nonprofit entities, including those with social media aspirations. Registry policies allow for rapid takedown of non-compliant domains, for violations including imposturous registration of another’s names, and proscribed uses, including pornography or adult services/applications.
.wiki wikis
“An open TLD for anyone interested in community resource creation”
.work general
.works general
.world general
.wtf general
.xxx adult entertainment (pornography) For sites providing sexually explicit content, such as pornography.
.xyz general
.zone general
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