Services We offer all you require for a strong internet presence


  • Web Design

    Our core service is Website Design, you can view all website types below.

  • Web Development

    There are times when a pre-designed package will not meet a customers requirements, in this case we develop a customised system to meet the exact needs of a project.

    • In-House CMS
    • Cloud Services
    • Member / Product Management
  • Mobile Application

    We can develop Mobile Apps for iPhone/Android/Windows. We also develop "App-Like" mobile websites, these are a cost effective compromise, offering the Mobile browser an "App-Like" experience from a website.

    View example from your mobile

    • iPhone Apps
    • Android Apps
    • Windows Apps
    • Mobile Friendly "App-like" websites


  • Search Engine Optimisation

    We are long time experts at Search Engine Placement. We install Google Analytics tools to monitor your sites search success.

    Also we run Google Adword campaigns to be assured of 1st page placement.

    Click to view Search Engine Results

  • Hosting and Email

    We provide hosting and Email via Blacknight who are Ireland's largest and most reliable provider.

    We can also set you email to run through your existing Gmail account.

    • Website Hosting
    • Email Hosting
    • Cloud Email
    • Domaiin Name Registration
    • SSL certificates
  • Branding

    Create of Integrate your existing Brand

    • Full "scaleable" Vector Logo Design
    • Business Cards
    • Letterheads
    • Email Templating

Our Skills

  • Coding, Scripting and Program Languages:

    • L.A.M.P. - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
    • JavaScript - jQuery - AJAX
    • HTML - CSS
  • Graphic Design

    • Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Flash

Our Process


To start a project, first we have to listen to your requirements and goals. We then make suggestions on how best to meet those aims.


Once we have agreed on a solution we will then lay out our Strategy, by giving you a Sample Layout of your website and a timeline to publication.


The first actual vision of your project will be a "front-end" only view, this is for visual purposes only and will not contain any actual content of functionality.

This is so you are happy with the "look" and "Feel" of the site.


Once the "Front-End" of the site is ready we then install any functionality that will make the site come alive. This could be adding the Content Management System, User Logins, Contact Form, Product Searches etc.


At this stage we test the whole site and see if there are improvements as often there are unforeseen elements that may need to be addressed.

Install Content

Now once the site's structure is completed, we now upload your content, this maybe product, service or company information.


Break out the Champagne, we upload to the main servers and set the site free!


Now to shout it out from the roof tops, "We are here and ready for business!" by running a Google Ad Campaign and monitoring via Google Analytics.

The people who have trusted us so far

  • Kostas Wootis – Architect
  • iLipo by Whitening
  • Zumo Juice Bars
  • My School Year – Connecting Students, Teachers and Parents
  • Smart Bits – phone accessories
  • Enrich – Soil Consulting
  • Savenet Solutions – Managed Cloud Services
  • Selco – Cleaning Supplies
  • Drogheda Leisure Park
  • Kedington The IT Infrastructure Company
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